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There's a difference between Premium and Simply Expensive. It's called Craft and it starts by eliminating what's not important and ends with sweating every last detail of what it is.
Everything we create is born out of what makes it meaningful to the Consumer. We help you tell, experience and share stories with the Consumer… Epic, Captivating, Authentic Stories.

Our Process is Effective.
If the idea seEms Unreachable; We Embrace It.

who we are

Established in 2002, BLUE ICE PRODUCTIONS is a specialist Audio Visual and Events Management Company delivering High Quality Material and Project Management Expertise to Corporate Clients, Advertising and PR Agencies, Marketers and Broadcasters.
We have the ability to combine clarity of message with unparalleled execution that results in the delivery of crisp, clear and relevant communication solutions. We are consumer-centric in our approach and offer a diverse but personalized solution/product with a high degree of proficiency, reliability and creative ingenuity.

What we do

Project Management

Event Management

Producing Audio Visual Material

Television Broadcast Programming


Online Training Programmes

Music Composition

Audio & Voice Overs

Post Production

Animation & Graphics

THE New Business Mandate

A strange world waits. A world in which defining 'excellence' - let alone - 'searching' for it
(let alone achieving it!) - will be more and more elusive. And more and more exciting.


  • Planning
  • Analyze the customer
  • 'Workers' (interchangeable parts)
  • Stop at nothing
  • (The God complex)
  • Vertical integration
  • Organization-centric
  • White-collar world
  • Tangibles (lumps of stuff)
  • Real (property)
  • Slow and steady
  • Certainty
  • Leadership mantra: 'In the know'
  • Management 'by the numbers'
  • Structure: noose-tight
  • Fashion cycles: years, decades
  • GM. Ford, Bethlehem Steel
  • Cleveland. Detroit


  • Acting
  • Ally with the customer
  • Talent (indispensable partners)
  • Stick to the knitting
  • (The goal, completed)
  • Vertigo + innovation
  • Network-centric
  • No-collar world
  • Intangibles (bits of data)
  • Virtual (possibility)
  • Fast and faster
  • Ambiguity
  • Leadership mantra: 'I don't know'
  • Management by the nimble
  • Structure: loose-tight
  • Fashion cycles: days, weeks
  • Dell. Ebaby. WalMart
  • San Jose. Bangalore


By Tom Peters Re-Imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

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